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Question from :

I know that prostitution isn't legal where I live, but there are escort services everywhere. Everyone talks about escorts like they're callgirls. So I put it to you: what's the difference? What services do escorts really offer? DirtyDave

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Posted on February 28th. 2007
Our answer:

DirtyDave, there really is very little difference between a callgirl and an escort. Both escorts and callgirls call on men and women and the services escorts provide are varied from escort to escort. Some of those services include, oral sex, intercourse, anal, roleplay services, BDSM, the girlfriend experience and so much more. It depends on the escort you see and if you are interested in one type of service you need to check with them first before making the appointment. Some escorts will not provide a service you are looking for so the best thing to do is ask before you make that appointment.

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Answered on February 28th. 2007
Question from :

I'm a 33-year-old virgin. My friends are recommending an escort to give me experience with women, but I'm nervous about it. I really don't know what I'm doing, and I'm afraid I'll be horribly embarrassed. Is an escort a good idea for a guy with no experience? Red-Faced

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Posted on February 10th. 2007
Our answer:

Red-Faced, there really is no need to be red-faced it is not unusual for a virgin to see an escort. I know you will be nervous but if you are up front with the escort you see, you won't have a problem. You will find that she will take control so you can lay back and enjoy the experience. Do I think that an escort is a good idea for a guy with no experience? Well, yes I do because like I said she will be in control and you can enjoy your first sexual encounter with an experience woman. Enjoy and don't be embarrassed, go with the flow and the wild sensations you will experience.

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Answered on February 10th. 2007
Question from :

Night Angel, I was curious if over the years of seeing many guys were you ever able to tell when a guy was about to experience his orgasm and if so, what signs did you pick up? jerrylaea

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Posted on January 28th. 2007
Our answer:

Throughout the many years of seeing guys, many of them had different tell tale signs when they were about to orgasm. Their breathing changes, they begin thrusting faster and harder, some shake and I know of one guy who didn't realise how I knew he was orgasm especially when giving him oral. He had this way of rubbing his fingers together and that noise, gives it away all the time. When we have intercourse, he often grabs my hips and pushes into me or if my legs are up over his shoulders he holds on tight and tells me that he has a big load of cum for me. Most guys give out a sign and if they do, it can be played on which gives a girl the chance to keep the guy on the edge for just a little longer.

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Answered on January 28th. 2007
Question from :

Hi.... this is possibly a silly question to ask but for months now I've been trying to get the courage up to call an escort. I think I'll try a girl who works from a clean brothel but do I have to take my own condoms? Firstimecaller

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Posted on December 20th. 2006
Our answer:

Firstimecaller, don't ever think that this question is a silly one because if you have never been to an escort then you will never know what to do. Working girls or escorts prefer to supply their own condoms. It's not that all girl don't trust the guys that come to see them, it's just some of them are a concern and they like to know that the condoms haven't had anything done to them. And besides... if I was a guy, I'd like to see a working girl supply the condoms because they are providing a service that a lot of guys enjoy.

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Answered on December 20th. 2006
Question from TonyZzz:

Night Angel, my name is TonyZ and I'm interested in meeting with an escort but I'm not interested in sex just yet. I'd like
her to pamper me and to stroke me. Once I am comfortable with her I'll go further. Do you think that my way is a good way to go?

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Posted on November 21st. 2006
Our answer:

TonyZzz... when you find an escort you are comfortable with, you will know when to take your sessions further. You don't even have to explain to her why you want to be pampered or why you would like just a handjob. Masturbation is a good way to start and once you are comfortable with her, you can relax and you can take those moments further. It is up to you how fast you want to go.

Please remember that you might be lucky and find an escort that you are comfortable with almost immediately, but there is also the possibility that it may take several in or out visits before you find someone you can relax with. And yes, I believe taking it slowly until you are comfortable is the best way to go.

Some guys just like the one night stand fuck session while others like to experience more than that. Tony, when you find the right escort, enjoy those moments and if she makes you feel good, tell her. Girls love compliments and thanking her for a goodtime is worth so much...

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Answered on November 21st. 2006
Question from Liam:

I was once told about a guy who visited an escort. Apparently she was a very good escort, she was sensual and sensitive to the needs of guys, but she offered a service that I donít quite understand. What the hell is hand relief? Is that some sort of hand massage?

Thanks, LiamÖ

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Posted on November 14th. 2006
Our answer:

Liam, hand relief is masturbation. In some areas where escorts work, they arenít allowed to offer a masturbation service using those words. They can however offer hand relief and I know many girls who do give a fantastic hand relief service.

Hand relief can be very sensual and if done right the sensations can last for as long as a guy wants them to. At the same time if the escort is good at hand relief she can control when you climax. And if she wants to keep you on the edge, she can do that too.

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Answered on November 28th. 2006

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